Romance to Warm the Soul





Emerald anthology 3-D cover



One enchanted emerald… Seven couples in need of its magic to find true love.  Seven women, seven writing styles, one vision: the Jewel Box Authors write in different romance genres, but they all believe in happily ever after. Seven award-winning authors create all-new romances spanning from medieval times to modern day, linking each tale through a mysterious gem. The first anthology, Enchanted by an Emerald, is a 2014 release.

WHAT TO KEEP (a novella in the Enchanted by an Emerald anthology) by Nancy Robards Thompson

Emma Conrad returns to tiny Iris Island, Florida, with her New York life in shambles. When the one man she’s never forgotten strolls back into her life, Emma has to rely on her mother’s wis-dom, the strength she’s forgotten, and a gem from the sea to build a future from the ashes of her past.